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Deadliest Warrior: The Game is based on the television show on Spike Network from Spike Games. In a generation where we have fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Dead or Alive, it’s kind of different take using actual warrior types throughout history.

In Deadliest Warrior you can choose from a Pirate, an Apache, a Viking, a Knight, a Samurai, a Ninja, a Spartan, and a Centurion. It’s not the most impressive list to begin with, but it’s a start. Hopefully there will be some warrior packs to download later on. I would think it would be better to utilize the DLC to expand the warriors instead of moving forward to a new game with more warriors. I don’t think that would go over well.

The different fighting styles of the warriors aside, there’s a noticeable and realistic difference in the way the warriors move depending on their armor/weapon types. The Ninja, Apache and maybe the Pirate are much quicker as they aren’t hindered by a lot of heavy armor. The Knight, I noticed, can take forever to execute a move considering all of the plate armor you have.

You can unlock different weapon and armor types for each character as you progress through the game. It also can take about 15 minutes to roll through the game’s basic tournament with one character. Since you only have eight opponents (you do fight an alternate version of your character, too), it doesn’t take very long to get through.

There are two bonus levels, one where you hack up pig carcasses inside of a time limit, and the other you take on another opponent that will take off limbs with any hit they score against you. The first time I saw this mode, I was hit square in the chest and lost with all limbs falling off.

Speaking of losing some limbs, this game is extremely violent and bloody. By the end of the match, it’s not uncommon for your warrior, or the opponent, to be covered in blood. You can amputate limbs (there’s even a couple of Xbox achievements tied to this), and decapitate your enemy.

The violence would be tolerable if the game wasn’t mostly just a glorified button masher. While I’m sure there can be some finesse in setting up your combos, it’s difficult to get them executed when the response seems to be a little slow. There’s basically three attack buttons (A, X, and Y) and a projectile button (B). You can injure your opponent with the projectiles like throwing stars, knives, and arrows. As you upgrade, items like the arrows can be poisoned, inflicting more damage to your opponent without even hitting them.

The attack buttons go from low, to midsection, and high, depending on what weapon you’re holding, how armored the opponent is, and if they block. The damage feels sort of arbitrary. The only time I felt it was 100% accurate was when my opponent launched a spear at me, and it went completely through my character’s head. Yeah, instant death, that sounds about right.

There was one really weird bug that I was surprised wasn’t caught. Before a match it shows the warriors in a VS screen. When I was playing as the Ninja, it showed the Apache in the Ninja’s place. On more than one occasion in the same tournament. It was just a little weird. It didn’t affect the game play, since it was just a loading screen, but it shows that the overall presentation wasn’t very polished.

The graphics feel a little behind the times.  It appears to be more like an Xbox game than an Xbox 360 Arcade game, as they sometimes do when they’re clearly working on a lower budget. The backgrounds look pretty good, but not exceptional.

Online, I was quickly dispatched by some of the players on the top of the leaderboard (the number 1 guy, at the time I played him, is from my home state, in Ogden, Utah). The movements felt a little sluggish and you almost had to attempt your moves well before you expected to pull them off. You sort of need to predict where your opponent will move to in order to land a hit. If your opponent is really quick, like a Ninja or Apache, chances are good that you’re going to miss anyway.

Overall, I came away from the experience fairly unimpressed and would rather play some other fighting games that are already out and play better. If you’re a really big fan of the the Deadliest Warrior show or fighting games, I’d at least suggest you play the demo and decide from there. Otherwise, this is one game to skip. Use your points, and your time, for something more enjoyable and worthy.


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