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If you have ever wondered if there was a way that you could improve your dance moves then Dance Central is the game for you.  Harmonix and MTV’s Kinect based game Dance Central will not only get you up and shaking your groove thing but will also improve your dance confidence.  With the music from the 70’s to the 90’s, everyone in the family is sure to find something for their musical tastes.

When I decided to review this game, I knew that I didn’t want to just review the different aspects of the game, but I also wanted to review it as a exercise game.  So as I played the game, I put it into the workout mode every time.  As you get ready to start a dance, you have the option to put in your weight.  This the last time that you have to worry about anything in regards to the workout mode of the game.  The rest is taken care of for you by the game.  It will track for you how long you have worked out and how many calories you have burned; according to how much to weigh, how long you have worked out, and the intensity of songs that you have chosen to dance to.

While playing this game for 20 to 30 minutes a day, for 20 days for this review, I lost about 3 pounds.  More importantly I had an increase of energy and also an increase of confidence of dancing.  I also noticed that my body shape changed.  I have more definition in my waist and in my legs.  Many of the songs have different aspects of working different parts of your body, “Funkytown” by Lipps Inc works your arms to no end while “Move Ya Body” by Nina Sky works your core.  It is really interesting that a dance game can do so much for your entire body.

Start up Dance Central, make sure that Kinect can find you well enough (you need to have enough space and light in the room), and the fun is going to be ready to go.  The songs on the game are placed from easy to hard, so I suggest you start out with Poker Face, since it is the easiest song on there, and it will get stuck in your head.  You will find yourself face to face with a dancer on the screen whom you will be mimicking as if you were looking in a mirror.  Follow the dancer and if you notice any part of the dancer turning red, you know that you have not done that move correctly.

As you get ready to play the game, you will find that all the songs are locked on easy.  As soon as you start playing the songs, no matter how many stars you get on the songs, you will unlock the medium and hard settings for each of the songs.  The really fun part of Dance Central is that you can not fail a song.  It is true that the on screen dancer will talk some smack to you about the fact that you can do better than you did, but you are not able to fail.  The better you get on the song, the less smack talk and the more encouraging the dancer becomes.

If a song is really causing you tons of problems, there is a “Break It Down” Mode for each song.  This will take you through each dance step for each song.  It allows your to do each step of the song 3 times and then put them together 3 steps at a time to make sure that you have truly mastered them.  I have found that this is a part of the game that was completely helpful on those songs that I was just unable to get when I was trying them on my own. “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” by Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em is a song that, even with the Break It Down Mode still seems to be out of my reach.  Other songs really have been mastered by this mode.

The achievements on this game are easy to get at the beginning of the game, which made me want to keep seeing if I could get more of them.  You are able to get an achievement simply by having someone dance with you when you have the freestyle mode of each dance, this is easy enough if you have someone else in the house and you ask them to come in the frame for just a second.  There are also a couple of achievements for the workout mode as well.  The achievements also keep you wanting to play longer as they want you to play for a longer period of time since you have to be able to unlock all of the challenge modes, which means you are able to 4 star all of the songs.

There is no online mode to this game, which is a bit of a disappointment, but there is an online scoreboard so you can see what your friend’s scores are on a song.  I will tell you that this has kept me going as I don’t want to let my friends have a better score on a song than I do.  I am constantly getting on to have a better score than a friend of mine.  Overall I give this game a 5 star review.


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