CSI: Miami Heat Wave

7 Overall Score

Fun for Fans of the Show | Cute Characters |Simple Mechanics

Not for Younger Kids | Micro-transactions Required for Nicer Items

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Ubisoft has taken cutesy casual gaming into the ultra bright aqua and orange tinted halls of CSI: Miami. Their new game, CSI: Miami Heat Wave, allows players to find clues, process evidence and questions suspects with their favorite characters from the TV show.

Each character looks like an adorable munchkin version of their TV counterpart. They have even managed to make the often grating Horatio Cain into a likable individual as he introduces each new case with the iconic deliberate donning of sunglasses.

The cases in the game are no laughing matter. Most I have played are homicides that require searching at least one crime scene for clues and evidence. There are also a few chemical terms thrown in that may make younger children a little less likely to follow the story.

Crime scenes are made up of tiled areas to search. Players use the energy they have earned over time, been gifted, or have purchased to search each tiled area. Players can choose to complete “Digging Deeper” quests at crime scenes and search for other items in the tiled areas. “Trace evidence” will help guide players to evidence if the right tiles are unlocked.

Completing quests earn experience, “funding” (cash), and items. “Shields” can be purchased or earned to purchase “Elite” in-game items.

Energy also allows players to collect materials to process evidence. Once processed the player questions the suspect by choosing the correct question from a few choices. Horatio can even eliminate a question if you have the energy.

This is your typical Facebook game that includes tons of potential micro-transactions available for “a few dollars more.” This is no surprise to veteran Facebookers and Ubisoft does offer a few ways to earn items through liking the Facebook page and sponsor offers. For those that don’t want any of the offers or don’t want to pay real cash for virtual items, the game progression can be frustrating.

CSI: Miami Heat Wave is a simple game to pass the time and a sweet homage to CSI: Miami. The game offers opportunities for help along the way if you get stuck but will not offer anything new to longtime Facebook gamers.


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