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Better than I could have ever imagined!

One too many stealth levels.

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The time has come to grab onto your seat and hold on for the ride. It’s time to get back into the fight with Captain Price and Soap. It’s time for World War 3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has finally graced us with its presence, and holy crap is it amazing. Modern Warfare 3 takes place minutes after Modern Warfare 2. Soap is injured and being flown to an undisclosed location, Makarov’s plans are coming closer to fruition, and the world is on the verge of an outright war. Do you have what it takes to defend the globe and finish Makarov’s army once and for all? Hoorah!

The MW3 campaign should take you between six to ten hours to complete depending on your difficulty. I have to say that this is one of the more solid campaigns when it comes to variety and all-out madness. Some might say that there is too much action going on in this game. I think there was one too many stealth levels, but the game still doesn’t disappoint. You will travel to places like Paris, Berlin, London, Sierra Leone, Hamburg, and warzones all across the globe. You will be introduced to new characters, backstabbers, and plot twists that will leave you speechless. Be prepared to take a journey through the entire Modern Warfare trilogy because the fight isn’t over until the credits roll and peace finally rears its head. Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games may not have reinvented the wheel with this game, but they have given us more of what we already love. Why fix it if it isn’t broken? Modern Warfare 3 will keep you glued to your controller giving you superior weapons against abysmal odds. On almost every level you will control some type of gadget or heavy weapon like Chopper Gunners, AC-130’s, Remote Sentries, Strafing Runs, and more. How could it get more epic than this?

As far as collectibles and achievements go, Modern Warfare 3‘s are pretty standard for the Call of Duty series. You will find 46 pieces of enemy intel littered around the campaign levels. The achievements are centered around the campaign and Spec Ops. Completing a campaign mission nets you an achievement, beating it on Veteran nets you even more. In addition there are also secondary achievements in levels rewarding you for killing five enemies with one grenade, destroying three tanks with a single 105mm shot, or destroying a helicopter with the UGV’s grenade launcher. Spec Ops objectives have to do with buying items from the weapon, air support, and equipments crates in addition to knifing a Juggernaut to death and destroying two helicopters without taking damage. The Spec Ops achievements are really fun to earn and master.

Just like in MW2, when you start up the campaign you will be asked if you want to skip over the controversial sections in the game. I thought the “No Russian” airport level in MW2 was pretty gruesome, but MW3 really outdid itself and left me feeling sick to my stomach. You have been warned. This content has to do with a family touring London. You play as the father as he videotapes his wife and 4-year old daughter. What happens next is the horror of watching a family killed in a terrorist attack. Why Modern Warfare 3? Why?

I’m sure that most of you picked up this title for the online multiplayer. If you are a Call of Duty junkie you will not be disappointed in Modern Warfare 3‘s  new game modes, weapons, and perks. Modern Warfare 3 brings a lot to the table and keep you coming back for more again and again. New additions to your loadout include perks like Stalker, Recon, Overkill, and Marksman. New weapons include the FAD, Five Seven, and the P99. Also in your arsenal are Bouncing Betties, Grenade Sentries, 9 Bangs, Thermite, and much more. You and your enemy are armed to the teeth in this all-out war. Returning once again are emblems and titles which you can unlock during gameplay for completing tasks and objectives. This is a way to show off your skill and playstyle for everyone to see. You can unlock these by leveling up in online multiplayer or by performing special objectives like getting three longshots in one life, or using 30 predator missiles. In addition to leveling up yourself, you can also level up your weapons in Modern Warfare 3 and unlock add-ons, weapon proficiencies, and camouflage for your weapons. Weapon proficiencies allow you to reduce recoil, put two attachments on your weapon, increase bullet penetration, and more. Those of you who love having golden guns will want to level up your favorite weapons as soon as possible.

Instead of the normal killstreaks you remember from other Call of Duty games, you will now be using one of three “Strike Packages” which molds to your playstyle. The Assault package is your traditional set of killstreaks, such as care packages, predator missiles, and helicopters, earned by accumulating kills without dying. The Support package focuses on support killstreaks that will help your entire team including UAV’s, Stealth Bombers, Ballistic vests, and Juggernaut armor. The nice part about using the Support package is that even if you die your killstreak will continue. Essentially, you could get 12 kills and be killed 12 times, while still earning an Advanced UAV. The Specialist package gives the more hardcore and cocky players room to shine. Instead of unlocking killstreaks you unlock perks. Die and you lose all your perks. There are currently 16 maps to play on, each one is also available to play in Spec Ops survival mode. These levels range from villages, to construction sites, to the streets of Paris. These levels feel real and are a maze of short corridors, secret tunnels, and vantage points.

Along with our favorite gametypes, two new gametypes making their debut in Modern Warfare 3 are Kill Confirmed and Team Defender. Kill Confirmed is all about collecting dogtags from your enemies. When you kill an enemy you must collect their dogtag to score a point. Simply killing them won’t help your team win. If you see a teammate die and can make it to their dogtag before the enemy, you can deny the kill and prevent the other team from scoring. Collect your own tag after dying and earn 250 points. Team Defender is a mixture of Capture the Flag and King of the Hill. Grab the flag and hold onto it for as long as you can. Whichever team holds onto it for the longest wins. There’s nothing scarier than being the flag holder and watching your teammates die around you.

Specs Ops is back from Modern Warfare 2. Specs Ops allows you to team up with a partner or go it alone in Special Ops missions. Each mission has 3 different difficulty settings and allows you to earn up to 3 stars for completing it. Missions range between IED defusals, rescuing hostages, to testing your speed and aim in a training simulator similar to Modern Warfare 2’s “The Pitt”. Some missions can only be done with a partner and will require you to either play split screen or online. Online Spec Ops can be done through matchmaking or through a private party with a friend. In my experience the matchmaking does a good job of pairing you with people who have the same progress as you in Spec Ops. Survival mode is also a big part of Spec Ops and pits you up against endless increasingly difficult waves of enemies. At your disposal are three crates placed around the level that will allow you to purchase weapons, equipment, or air support perks. To purchase these items you have to accumulate money through kills and challenges. Survival mode has a leveling system as well which means that when you start out you won’t have the upper tier items like sentries or Delta squad, but it shouldn’t take you more than two to three games to unlock these items.

Since Modern Warfare 3 has released, Call of Duty: Elite has been the talk of the town with it’s inability to work at all. With the millions of copies sold, that meant millions of people were trying to log onto Elite and access it, causing problems. A week later, Elite isn’t back in 100% operation, but we can see glimpses of it working both on our consoles and computers. While it is disappointing and upsetting that a service that has been so highly publicized wouldn’t work from Day 1, I can understand the trouble they are having. Call of Duty games are one of the most bought games. Activision is making it up by extending folks’ subscriptions by 30 days though. Be on the lookout for my Elite review when it is up and running soon.

There are very few problems with Modern Warfare 3. In fact, I found myself getting frustrated that I couldn’t find any problems that were infuriatingly awful. My only gripe has to do with online multiplayer and the fact that there will be times when I am joining a friend’s game and the audio of the game will cut out. I also wish I could seamlessly join a friends game when I start the game up instead of having to wade through 3 different menus. These are trivial complaints though and Modern Warfare 3‘s reputation is hardly tarnished by these flaws.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is better than I could have ever imagined. With an epic storyline, addictive multiplayer, and intense Spec Ops missions, along with a laundry list of other add-ons, Modern Warfare 3 is a game that you MUST buy. Modern Warfare 3 is rated M for Mature and is out now on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.


A copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was provided to The Married Gamers for review and evaluation.


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Hardcore Xbox and occasional PC gamer. I love to play multiplayer and co-op games where strategy is key.

2 Comments on "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3"

  1. Cyborg6971 December 16, 2011 at 4:13 am - Reply

    You say in the description of yourself that you love MP co-op games where strategy is key. Yet you give mw3 a perfect 10, when it requires no strategy and bf3 a 7.5 where in that game strategy equals wins.

    So I guess what I’m questioning is your definition of the word strategy, or your bias towards a recycled same as the last year sport franchise like game with limited improvements.

    • Chris Brown December 16, 2011 at 4:41 am - Reply

      If you had taken time to ready both reviews, you would have seen that the two games were reviewed by two different people. That said, Modern Warfare 3 is an incredibly fun game that managed to impress even me, who had given up on the franchise, but now find myself playing quite often.

      Battlefield 3 is a good game, and it’s awesome that you like it, but thankfully we also live in a world where we all don’t have to agree with one another. I just wish we could respect each other for our differences.

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