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When Borderlands was released last year, it caught everyone by surprise by what it brought to the table; a first person shooter that included an RPG-like leveling system, loot collecting and a unique cell-shaded art style. Those who played Borderlands were instantly hooked and it soon became the sleeper-hit of 2009.

Since it’s release, Gearbox has fully supported Borderlands by periodically releasing DLCs throughout the year. Up until now, there has been three DLC packs released; “The Zombie Island of Doctor Ned,” “Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot” as well as “The Secret Army of General Knoxx.” In each DLC, Gearbox generously gave gamers exactly what they wanted; new locations, new enemies and raising of the level-cap. That brings us to release of the final DLC for Borderlands: “Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution” and once again Gearbox delivers on what gamers want.


The storyline of “Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution” takes place after Borderland’s main storyline as well as after the previous released DLCs. You can still play through C.N.R.R. without previously playing the other stories, but you really won’t understand what’s going on. It’s recommended that you save this DLC for last to avoid spoilers.

The plot revolves around the Hyperion Corporation, who, in an attempt to rid Pandora of all treasure hunters (you), invents a new claptrap called the “Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap” or INAC for short, but things go horribly wrong from there. The INAC begins to realize the mistreatment and abuse of his fellow claptraps and it spurs him into action to start a revolution to rid Pandora of all humans, the “Robolution.”

That’s where you come in. Hyperion, realizing their mistake, decide to hire you (the very thing they want to kill), in order to clean up their problem and save Pandora from the likes of the INAC and his Robolution.

Rise of the Machines


The gameplay for C.N.R.R. is exactly what you would expect from Borderlands; roaming around the wasteland of Pandora, going on missions and killing enemies. What sets it apart from the other DLCs is that the focus is on killing claptraps which is where this DLC shines. As anyone who has played Borderlands knows, the claptraps are hilarious and this DLC is their center stage. Throughout the game, you will hear INAC speak over an intercom and the things he says are pure comedy genius. I won’t spoil anything here, but trust me, you will laugh!

Aside from the army of claptraps, INAC has brought 3 dead characters back from the grave and has turned them into “traps.” (this is one reason why you want to wait to play this DLC last, to avoid spoilers). These “traps” are bosses from previous Borderlands entries and although it’s cool to see them again in this DLC, nothing has changed since our last encounter with them which is kind of a let-down.

There are a total of 21 missions consisting of 9 main quest missions and 12 side quests. Some of the side quests are quite pointless and add little to the game and the main quest is pretty short, only taking about 4-5 hours to complete. Even though the story is short, you can add a few more hours if you are an achievement/trophy hunter.

Claptrap Boxing


There are 10 new achievements/trophies for you to unlock for this DLC. 4 of them are story related and can not be missed, but the rest require a bit of effort, mainly in gathering claptrap components after you kill them. Going for all these collectible achievements/trophies will take a while as the item drops are random, but it shouldn’t take more than 10 hours total to get all the gamerscore offered here.


Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution” is not a perfect DLC, but is worth playing, especially if you are a fan of Borderlands. Seeing as this is the last DLC for the game, I wish that the story was more epic to give the game proper closure, but it is still is fun and entertaining to play and that’s what matters here. I would recommend this DLC to any fan of Borderlands, but I would strongly suggest that you play the main game and all the DLCs first to avoid spoilers.

A redeemable code was provided to The Married Gamers for review purposes.


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