Boom Blox: Bash Party

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by Adam Wall


Boom Blox: Bash Party is a game to test your humanity. No, not really, but it’s a lot deeper and potentially metaphorical than most might imagine. Especially considering that the gist of the game is Jenga on steroids that took HGH when they were in college. This is a game that tests your idea about how things relate, what’s important to the big picture, and just how many hours you can sit with friends on your couch debating which corner of an imaginary block you should try to hit with an imaginary baseball in order to topple a tower of multi-colored 3-D objects.

If you’re not with me yet, then you ought to borrow, rent, or buy a copy of the game and play it for 10 minutes because you will be then. As usual, the unique invention of the Wii remote puts you in a position to throw all manner of objects at your TV screen, deftly grab and pull or push blocks, or aim cannon, lasers, and slingshots at myriad creatures whose body structure gently evokes that of Spongebob Squarepants.

Sound like a kids game? It functions in that manner very well. But on top of that, it’s a teen game, an adult game, and a game for those who like to ingest things that make it illegal to drive thereafter. The title speaks for itself in that it’s a group game that provides hours of entertainment. And I’ll leave that to the potential user and their friends to suss out but I’ll give you the example of my friend and I logging 8 straight hours into the early morn. No small feat for working folk around 30; not like the childhood days of yore where double digit hours in front of the console was a regular occurrence (don’t call my parents).

bbbp_cow_launcher_iii That aside, solo mode is it’s own bit of mind-bending. You’ll labor under the assumed premise of the level only to find that thinking outside the box offers a 10 second solution to one you’ve been trying to solve the wrong way for the last 15 minutes. Your brain will strain to work out three, four, a million steps ahead of what you’re about to do; what will be the consequences of your next movement in solving a particular puzzle.

 bbbp_falling_paint The graphics are simple (and that’s all they need to be) but the physics are realistic and a difficulty to contend with. They’re what make this game. And this game extends them over the original, adding levels in outer space with less friction and levels underwater with a slower inertia to operate in. Even better, after unlocking parts of the game, you can trade and play homemade levels online with other fans of the game expanding the amount of unique playtime tenfold. bbbp_chem-veyor_blox If you like puzzles, the reasoning behind chess, spatial logic, laughing with a friend when they throw like a two-year-old, utterly destroying constructed items, and/or conking cows in the head with bowling balls, this game is for you.


Boom Blox: Bash Party is rated E for Everyone and is available on store shelves now.  Electronic Arts has supplied a copy of Boom Blox: Bash Party for The Married Gamers for the purpose of evaluation and review.


Married Gamers Grade:  A


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