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“I wish yard work was this fun”

Bloomies is a new game for the iPhone/iPod touch developed by Phantoom Entertainment and it can be found on the iTunes App store for just .99 cents and let me say this first, it’s worth every one of those 99 pennies.

Bloomies is a casual game that can be put in the same category as Farmville and Zombie Farm. As with most casual games, there really is no story, plot or goal to strive for, but in the case of Bloomies, it doesn’t even matter.  Bloomies sets itself apart from other casual games out there as it focuses its attention on making the playing experience a peaceful and relaxing one with its calm and comical art style and serene musical score.  Anyone looking at the whimsical art design of the flowers and bees can’t help but have a smile on their face. This is one of the most beautiful video game scores that I’ve ever heard.  It’s so calming, yet has a sense of fun and youth, something rarely seen in video games today.

Bloomies’ game play is very simple yet surprisingly complex at the same time.  You start out the game with a small garden that you are encouraged to plant flowers (bloomies) in.  You are the gardener, it’s your job to make sure these Bloomies stay happy by giving them enough water. When your bloomies are happy, they will produce more nectar which eventually turns into money when you acquire enough.  Your nectar will be collected by the bees of your garden and obviously, the more bees and bloomies you have in your garden, the faster your money will climb.  You use your money to buy more bees and bloomies for you to fill your garden with.  Planting bloomies also gives you experience points which will eventually raise your level and by raising your gamer level, you will have access to new varieties of bloomies to plant.  The game has some other game mechanics that I didn’t go into, but in essence, this is how the game is played.

Bloomies also has a feature that is very dear to my heart and that is the Achievements.  I am a sucker for achievements and this feature works really well for this type of game.  You gain achievements in the game by pretty much just playing. Here are a few tasks that gain achievements for you:  How many times you water your plants, how many bloomies you’ve planted, how much money you’ve gained, etc.  There are different achievement levels for each task that’s required and once you reach a new achievement level, you gain a boost in experience and money which is something to really strive for.

Unfortunately, as with any game, there are some flaws to Bloomies.  During my week of playing with the game, I found a few things quite annoying, but they by no means hurt the game experience in any way.  One thing that was an issue was the size of the garden itself.  The garden that you start out with never grows in size as you progress to higher levels and you have to constantly remove lesser bloomies to make room for the new and better ones.  Another issue I had with the game was that of the decoration system.  Aside from planting your bloomies, you can also plant or place decorations to make your garden more appealing.  My problem with this feature is that I could not even get it to work, nothing would select for me to place it in my garden.  Although, even if this feature did work during my play time, I don’t think it would appeal to me as the size of the garden is so limited. It would become too crowded of a garden and feel quite claustrophobic.  If the size of the garden was increased and the decoration feature worked, I think that Bloomies would be on the right track to becoming a near perfect casual game.

Although Bloomies has some issues that make it less than perfect, the game is very enjoyable.  Bloomies is a great causal game that will keep you coming back for more every few hours.  Sure, Bloomies has a unique leveling system and a lot of options for you to explore and play around with, but what it really comes down to is relaxation and getting away from the cares of this world and really, isn’t that what games are all about?  I recommend Bloomies to anyone who owns a iphone or iPod touch.  Go out and get this game!  It’s only 99 cents and you will be playing it for weeks, months and maybe even years.  Now that’s money well spent.


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