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Mob of the Dead breathes new life into Zombies mode

Multiplayer maps too gimmicky

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Last week came a brand new addition to Black Ops II with the Uprising map pack. Included are three new multiplayer maps, a reimagined battlefield, as well as a new pair of zombie maps. The maps included are Magma, Studio, Encore, and Vertigo. The new zombies maps take us to Alcatraz where you will play as a convict whose escape plan has been halted by an outbreak of zombies. It seems like Activision has given up on creating realistic environments and are going more for nostalgia and gimmicks.



Magma is an asymmetrical map located at the base of an active volcano. Sections of the map are flooded with lava, so watch your step. The previews for this map showed the lava being a hinderance to players, but upon playing it several times I didn’t notice a difference. It’s a little underwhelming to be honest. There are three main paths from each side of the map you can follow, but using the alleys can help you sneak up on your opponents. The map is designed for short-range and medium-range weaponry, so taking an assault rifle and a shotgun with is smart. The objectives are out in the open so be careful when capturing flags.



Studio is a map that many Call of Duty fans will recognize. Taken straight from Black Ops, Studio is a remake of “Firing Range” with a brand new skin. I love this map, but at times it can be distracting with dinosaurs hanging over fences, flying saucers emitting light, and props strewn about the battlefield. This map is great for all weapon types, as well as game types. I foresee this map being voted on a lot in matchmaking.



Encore is another one of those maps that makes you wonder “Would this really happen?” Set at an outdoor amphitheater in London, Encore has players duking it out at a rock concert. Players can get up on stage, engage in tunnel-based combat, or fight backstage. There really isn’t a whole lot going on and this map feels like one of the more awkward and unappealing to the eye. Take a shotgun and a medium range weapon with you because the hallways and corners are bound to give you plenty of strafing room.



Vertigo is your run-of-the-mill rooftop map. With a circular layout, Vertigo has a central building where most of the fighting will take place. Beware of several buildings on the outer perimeter from which most people camp. This isn’t a map for sniping. Your best bet would be to go with a medium range weapon and stick to the outer rim.

Mob of the Dead


Mob of the Dead is the main attraction of the Uprising pack. You play as one of four iconic inmates voiced by Michael Madsen, Joe Pantoliano, Chazz Palminteri and Ray Liotta. Alcatraz has been overrun by zombies and you know the drill. Kill all the zombies and get out with your life. When the game starts you are a spirit who can repossess your own body. This works well because you can explore as a spirit to see routes and possible escapes. While you are a spirit you can also interact with the level and shock zombies. I prefer this to hoarding revives. In addition, all your favorite perks, weapons and equipment are utilized in Mob of the Dead so it is very easy to get the hang of Alcatraz.

The big question is whether this is all worth 1200 Microsoft points. It would have been nice if these maps were more interactive, but if you are looking for some new maps, especially if you are a Zombies fan, Uprising will do for now.

A copy of Black Ops II: Uprising was provided to The Married Gamers for review.


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