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You’ve been waiting for it and finally the day has come! Black Ops II  recently received four new multiplayer maps, a new Zombies mode, one new Zombies map and a new weapon. This being Treyarch’s first DLC for Black Ops II, I think that it is safe to say that this is merely a preview of the content that is yet to come.



Grind is an asymmetrical map that takes you to a professional skate park. While this battlefield may not be very believable, it is still enjoyable to vault over ramps and run through the halfpipes. The map has many tight corners as well as several points where long range weapons are useful. Your best bet would be to use medium range weapons outside, while relying on shotguns and close combat within the main building. The curved edges of the ramps take some getting used to, so don’t expect to strafe from corner to corner.



Up high in the French Alps is Downhill, a ski hill map that will have you weaving in between gondolas, seeking refuge inside cabins, and painting the snow red with your opponent’s blood. Downhill is a great map for medium to long range weapons. There are several buildings to snipe from, as well as routes to cut off the opposition’s advance. A nice aesthetic addition is being able to take cover behind working gondolas; just make sure you stay out of their way or else they will mow you down. The map works great for Domination games, giving you plenty of places to guard your flags.



Need a vacation to a sunny spot? Mirage, a luxurious hotel in the Gobi desert, may just be the perfect place for you. Amidst the destruction from a sandstorm, Mirage will have you ducking in and out of buildings, taking the high road to get an advantage over your opponents, and constantly watching your back for any enemies off in the sandy distance. It would have been nice to have the sand affect your sight, causing you to worry more about what’s far away, rather than who’s camping around the corner. Mirage is a map suited for weapons of all ranges, working best as an objective map.



Rounding out the quad of environmentally different maps is Hydro, a “dam” fine map. Hydro is a symmetrical map that pits players against each other at a hydroelectric power plant. There are three paths to take from each side of the map, so the middle is where most of the fighting will take place. If you’re smart you will stay back with a long range weapon and pick people off as they come out into the open. There are many cement barriers which you can use for cover, but beware the water flow because eventually water will be released from the dam killing anyone in its wake. This map works great for all game types and is small enough to where you can get by unnoticed with a running class.


revolution_dlc-600x300Packaged along with the DLC is a new top-class submachine gun called the Peacekeeper. You don’t have to level yourself up to use it, but instead can access it at any point. It packs a punch with a high fire rate, and has good accuracy, with a mediocre range. If you aren’t used to SMG’s, the Peacekeeper works great as a mixture of assault rifle and SMG stats. Pack on some scopes and the Peacekeeper is great as a close combat or medium range weapon.

Die Rise


Moving into the Zombies portion of the Revolution Map Pack we are treated to Die Rise, a map located in China amongst crumbling skyscrapers. You’ll jump from building to building outrunning zombies, creating gadgets, and most of all fighting for your survival. Zombies will be pouring out of every elevator shaft, doorway and wall so make sure you take some friends and plenty of ammunition. It is very easy to get disoriented and since the level takes place on many different stories of buildings, sticking together is key for surviving. One trick that will save you is using the perks in the elevators as ways of getting to different parts of each building. Be careful though, because some elevators aren’t as safe and secure as they seem. Overall, this seems like a fun change of scenery, but the mechanics of Zombies haven’t changed much. Hopefully, more of you who enjoy Zombies mode will get a kick out of this multi-tiered map.


Black-Ops-2-Revolution-DLC-Turned-Zombies-ModeThe last piece of this DLC (and one of the most exciting) is the introduction of Turned, a new Zombies mode which puts you in control of the zombies. When the round starts a player will be chosen as the human while everyone else will remain a zombie. As the zombie it is your mission (as well as insatiable desire) to kill the human. If you get close enough, you can grab the human which will teleport you to a point on the map where you become the new human. As the human you must survive and rack up points by killing zombies. For every kill you get an upgraded weapon, thus improving your chance of survival. Just like in Zombies mode you can collect powerups which can give you maximum ammo, kill all the zombies instantly, or give you more points for each kill. Turned feels like the introduction of Versus mode in Left4 Dead which was a welcome game type because, let’s be honest, who DOESN’T want to be a zombie?

The Revolution Map Pack is just the first of many map packs that we will see for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. While DLC may not be coming out every month like Modern Warfare 3, we can still rest knowing that we will receive a plethora of content from each pack. This map pack is well worth the $15 price tag, so if you’ve been waiting for a reason to jump back into Black Ops II, this is it! Now gear up and ship out! Hoorah!

A copy of the Revolution Map Pack was provided to The Married Gamers for review.


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