Battlefield 3

7.5 Overall Score

Multiplayer and co-op missions are where the game really shines.

Single player campaign has holes that makes it unenjoyable.

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One of the most hotly anticipated shooters of this year has to have been Electronic Arts and DICE’s Battlefield 3. Yet when it came to its release date, it was met with some skepticism. Many people were willing to give the game a fighting chance even though there was talk about potential problems that could come up with the game or with the servers.

When the game was launched, there were still some issues, on the Xbox 360, to be had on the multi-player side of things, such as servers not being able to withstand all of the people being on them. It appeared that they were constantly being taken down for a couple of hours for maintenance. There were a couple of bugs that had to be worked out with patches. Yet as the weeks have gone by, these issues have ironed themselves out and things are running smoothly on the EA servers.

The single player storyline on this game did not hit home for me. I did not find myself pulled into the story. I enjoy games that will grab me and pull me in. When I played the Battlefield Bad Company series, I was really pulling for the guys and enjoying the humor that the writers had put between the characters. This was not so in Battlefield 3. This game was much more a straightforward shooter. The main characters, of which you play multiple members from the unit, are straight talkers and seem to take their missions serious. Not only that but there was no continuity to it. I was constantly scratching my head trying to figure out exactly what had happened in the last cut scene to get me to the place I was now. It just didn’t make any sense to me.

I found that there was not much from these single player missions that I enjoyed. Sure, I enjoyed the fact that for the first time I was playing it on a higher difficulty than I had played before, but the most consistent aspect that I could find throughout the entire story was that there was an earthquake going on and causing destruction to the environment. I was taken to different areas throughout the world for battle and interrogation but did not feel as if there was a consistent war that I could put my finger on to state that I was fighting for. There were also times that I found it to be quite difficult to get to different check points and it was not only myself but also the AI that was the problem.

I found that the AI in the game was constantly not in the places that they would originally start out at in the beginning of the level. I would begin my assault on them and find that half way through them, when I believed that I had killed them all, they would port themselves in front of me and then kill me. This caused quite a bit of frustration. There was also drifting that seemed to happen to me in this game. I would be standing completely still in the game and suddenly my character would begin drifting. I, at first, thought it could have been my controller so I unplugged it and it continued to happen. It led me to believe that there was a rush put on the single player aspect of the game. However, the co-op component on the second disc made up for it.

When seeking out a friend for co-op, it is important to realize that they are going to be someone that you are going to have to depend upon to get you through to the end of this campaign. I found that I had to really focus on how well my communication skills were to help us get through the level and to make sure that we were both on the same page as to how we were going to get through the mission. There were two missions that are unlocked at the beginning for us. The first one was a ground mission and the other was one where we were in a helicopter. I will admit that if it was not for having a good pilot with me and good communication with my co-op partner this could have gone to hell in a hand basket quite quickly. These two missions were quite a bit of fun.

We started off with two objectives and the commanding officer is piped in through the headset telling us what we needed to do. With the fighter jet mission we had to help our ground troops get to their convoy trucks to move out to their mission. While it was quite a bit of fun, the maps were repetitive as they were the same as the ones that were from the single player missions and the tremor storyline seemed to be weaved through it as well. EA and DICE really seemed to want to keep the continuity of somewhat of a story between the single player and the co-op with this. From here I jumped into the multi-player part of the game.

It is the multi-player aspect of Battlefield 3 really shines. Once I took the time to place the second disc of Battlefield 3 into my Xbox 360 and braved the wild world of the Internets, I knew that the game was never going to be the same. Unfortunately, EA has still stuck to their guns with their online pay to play which causes families that have multiple consoles to have to pay for each console to play their games online. This has no impact on the way the Battlefield 3 plays whatsoever though. As long as I was able to get on a team that was very communicative and willing to work together we were able to have a fun time together and enjoy this part of the game.

There are 4 different members of the team that I was able to choose from to play as: Assault, Engineer, Support or as a Recon. Each one has a different gun that has its pluses and minus to it and it truly becomes a trial and error as to which one feels right. I kept finding myself comfortable with the Assault member of the team. This man was able to take care of the other member of the unit when they went down. He carries the med kits and also continues to be bad ass at the same time. It really is something that fits my comfort level. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was able to change which class member of the team I was whenever I died and needed to deploy again. This meant that if I wanted to try something out differently I could and if I didn’t like it then I was able to go back to my old standby.

Overall, Battlefield 3’s single player campaign had many holes in it that seemed to not hold up to my expectations. It seemed that there was a rush to get it out in the time frame that they had and if there had been more time, possibly there could have been continuity to it. It is in the multi-player and co-op aspects of this game that we are able to really see EA and DICE shine in what they do best. They are able to bring so many people together for their enjoyment of a good shooter. There are mechanics in this game and environments that work together in such a way that when you get a group of friends together, you just can’t help but have a great time with it.

A copy of Battlefield 3 was provided to The Married Gamers for review.


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