Babel Rising

7.5 Overall Score

Easy to pick up I Integrates both controller and Kinect

Difficulty spikes rapidly I Co-op multiplayer unchallenging

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In many games, entering “God Mode” ruins the experience and takes away all the difficulty. It may be fun to not have to worry about enemies, but overall once you enter this cheat the game is over. Enter Babel Rising from Ubisoft and Mondo Production, which grants you the power of the gods while still making an exciting and thrilling experience.

Babel Rising can be considered a “Tower Defense” game, but that would be doing it a disservice. A Tower Defense game at its core tasks you with defending a tower or fortress from waves of minions who want to invade or destroy your home. On the contrary, Babel Rising gives you the chance to hurl rocks, conjure sand storms, and rain meteors down, all to PREVENT the construction of the Tower of Babel. The game is easy to pick up, but incredibly difficult to master.

Babel Rising shows you the ropes by introducing you to the four elements; earth, water, wind, and fire, which you will be using to cease the tower’s progress. Each element has two basic attacks and one ultimate attack which can do massive amounts of damage. Earth lets you drop boulders on enemies, or create a rift which kills all enemies in its path. Wind allows you to throw lightning or kick up a tornado. Fire gives you the ability to rain fireballs or spark a wall of fire. Water is one of the weaker elements so it only gives you rain, which slows down enemies, and the ability to freeze enemies. Each element’s ultimate attack is unlocked by using the basic attacks of the same element. If you want to earn the ability to flood the tower with water, then you need to use the water basic attacks to unlock it. My personal favorite is the meteor shower which destroys large sections of the tower.

Each level is unique in the way you complete it. Some levels will give you the task of killing a certain amount of workers, sparing a certain amount of cursed jars, or just surviving for a given amount of time. Depending on the objective, each level should take you between 5-15 minutes. As you get further in the game, more and more tower access points will open up, forcing you to deal with several wave spawn points. Later on, priests, towers, and other obstacles will get in your way. Babel Rising is a really difficult, diverse game.

 For those of you with a Kinect, Babel Rising offers you two ways to play. You can use the controller which maps one element to each button or you can use your body to rain fire down on the workers! The Kinect capability surprisingly works well with Babel Rising and I had a hard time choosing which style of play I wanted to use. Your right hand controls the targeting reticule while your left hand unleashes the attacks. Slam your hand down to unleash an area attack or hold your hand up to drag and create an area attack. The only drawback to the Kinect is that you can’t play multiplayer with it and have to use controllers instead.

Multiplayer is two player local only. You can play against each other to see who can hold out the longest, put the game on a timer to see who can get the most points in a certain amount of time, or team up to destroy the tower together. In multiplayer the elements are divided so both of you can’t use the same powers. My wife and I teamed up together and found ourselves quitting before the game was even over. We lasted for a whole hour and 5,388 enemies later we agreed to let the workers win. This doesn’t mean that we didn’t have a good time though. In fact, we were having such a great time that we started taunting the workers by yelling, “Repent and be baptized! as we drowned them, or “Where are your gods now?” as we electrocuted them with lightning. Multiplayer takes a long time for the difficulty to ramp up, and even when the more difficult aspects of the game start spawning in waves, the two of us were still able to hold them off. Unlike the single player, I wish multiplayer was a little more challenging.

My only gripes with Babel Rising were with how difficult the single player mode got and the fact that I wasn’t allowed to use certain elements on some of the levels. The game starts with workers only coming from one direction, and then turns into a frenzy of spinning the camera to try and kill and the workers. I can’t remember the last time I got dizzy while playing a video game.

Babel Rising is a great arcade game that I would recommend for everyone, especially if you have a Kinect. You can buy it now on Xbox Live Arcade, rated “E for Everyone 10+”, for 800 Microsoft points. Now, get out there and be a vengeful god and destroy those towers!

A copy of Babel Rising was provided to The Married Gamers for review.



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