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Great adaptation of original card game I Updated to reflect current pop culture

Connection issues lead to frustrating games

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If you were to describe something “gooey”, what noun would you use? Apples, Justin Bieber, Adolf Hitler, or creamed corn? While these options may seem profound, if you were playing Apples to Apples on Xbox Live this would be normal. Apples to Apples is an Xbox Live Arcade adaption of everyone’s favorite card game. In Apples to Apples your goal is collect green cards by getting others to choose your card as the best answer for a particular adjective.

Apples to Apples supports between 1 and 6 players. You can play locally or online, or even play a twist on the game in single player. Single player plays out like a word search and shows you a green card describing the word you must find, and then 3 red apple cards which give you a hint as to what the word is. Each round features a different apple avatar so make sure you are looking for words that fit its personality. For example, if the avatar is a space apple, be on the lookout for planet names and space references. When you begin single player the words will be easy to find, but as you pass each round the difficulty increases until you are pretty much guessing every turn. There is a time limit so you have to do it quickly though. Get an answer correctly and you earn time on the clock, get it wrong and you lose time. Each round you complete unlocks an apple avatar to use online.

The multiplayer version of Apples to Apples is where the real fun is at. Players rotate being a judge and drawing a green apple card. Each round a new green apple card is drawn and the other players then go through their hand and pick the card that they think is the best fit for the card or that the judge will pick.  Say for example, the green apple card is “shiny”. I could play a red apple card that symbolizes “shiny”, like “Ferrari” or can try and be funny and play a card like “mud”. It all depends on the judge’s personality. Some people will pick cards that match while others will pick cards like “Anne Frank” being “cowardly” because it is ironic. To be fair, red apple cards are played face down so the judge doesn’t know who played which card. The judge then picks the red apple card that he/she thinks best fits the card. The player who played the winning red apple card then gets to keep the green apple card and earns a point. First person to a set amount of points wins! It’s that easy, but is quickly addictive.

 A new addition to the multiplayer aspect are golden apple cards. These cards can be played in addition to red apple cards to alter the game, ranging from stealing a point from another player, to making players swap hands. These cards can make the game exciting and the more games you play, the more golden apple cards you will unlock. As you play you can also unlock themes that will change the background while you play. These may not be too exciting, but it’s nice to be able to unlock things for all the hard work.

Apples to Apples is a solid game, but online is where it falls short. Searching for a game is quick and easy, but it seemed like the connection once in a game wasn’t very strong and caused some dropouts. I can understand a few disconnects, but the game has to recalibrate itself every time someone leaves and this makes the games go on too long. This is especially annoying when one person leaves a three player game, ending the game altogether. The achievements are straightforward, but earning an achievement for completing 500 games is a little excessive. Who is seriously going to play that many games?

THQ did a great job porting Apples to Apples to Xbox Live Arcade. If you are looking for a great card game online, then I highly recommend picking it up. This game promises hours of hilarity and is sure to have you coming back for more fruity fun. Apples to Apples is available on Xbox Live now for only 800 Microsoft Points.

A copy of Apples to Apples was provided to The Married Gamers for review.


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2 Comments on "Apples to Apples"

  1. Kelly Brown December 17, 2011 at 3:18 am - Reply

    I just bought the game for my 6th grade classroom and can’t wait to buy it for the Xbox so I can make sure I know how to play it with my students. Hoping to build some vocabulary skills within my classroom along with some hilarity.

  2. Jacqueline C. December 20, 2011 at 5:42 am - Reply

    Can you play up to 6 locally? That would be so cool for my family!!!

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