Adventures of Shuggy

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The Adventures of Shuggy is a puzzle-platformer game that speaks to my nerdy heart. The game is brought to us by Valcon Games and Smudged Cat Games, who also brought us Timeslip and The Tower: A Bomb’s Climb. In the game you play as Shuggy, a purple vampire bat-like creature, who recently just inherited a mansion. The story is told in a comic book format, panel by panel, and follows Shuggy as he explores different parts of the house. Each of the 5 rooms in the house has 20-30 mini-levels within it, while only a few are open to play at the beginning. As you complete levels, more mini-levels become available to play.

The objective in Adventures of Shuggy is simple. Run around the level and collect all the green gems. While this sounds easy, the game has many ways of getting in your way. Each level has its own challenge to it, whether it be that you must spin the level, use a rope to rotate gears in a clocktower, deploy a teleporter to escape danger, change Shuggy’s size by drinking a potion, coordinating several Shuggy’s in one level, or a dozen other challenges. Some levels can take 30 seconds, while others can take you several minutes to complete. My personal favorites were the time travel levels where every 10 seconds a past version of you would start at the top of the level, following the same path you took. This can be a real challenge because if you touch your past self you die. I learned a new meaning of stress while trying to dodge 4 other versions of myself. In addition, there are also a lot of environmental and enemy dangers coming from spikes, zombies, hazardous insects, flaming fish, and quirky bosses. I really liked how intricate these levels are, and the balance of difficult levels mixed with easier ones made the game not as frustrating. Don’t take this game lightly though, because although this may seem like a children’s game, this game is for adults. The way the levels increase in difficulty so quickly is sure to leave kids looking for walkthroughs online.


The Adventures of Shuggy can be played solo or with a buddy either online or locally. There are 30 co-op levels to tackle and should keep you busy for at least 1-2 hours. Several levels within the single player campaign incorporate the computer AI as your co-op partner which helps you complete the levels. In my opinion this still doesn’t beat playing with an actual person though. This is a great non-competetive game because it’s not a race to see who collects the most gems, but who can work well together to complete a level.

I had very few problems with Adventures of Shuggy. One of my bigger gripes is that I think it needs a checkpoint system. You have to finish a level in one try, without save points or checkpoints. Several times I would get to the last gem and die, having to start the entire level over again. Having checkpoints would alleviate some of my frustration and allow me to start midway in a level, which would be especially appreciated on some of the more difficult levels. Also, on some of the harder levels I had no idea what to do and couldn’t even get past the original platforms. I would have appreciated more guidance, as far as telling me how I’m supposed to jump this gap without killing myself, or how I defeat a boss without killing myself 20 times in trial and error.

The Adventures of Shuggy is definitely a game worth buying, but only if you are up to challenge of taking on mind numbingly hard puzzles. Overall though, this game is fun, enjoyable, and I am batty on Shuggy. It is out now exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade for only 800 Microsoft Points.

A copy of The Adventures of Shuggy was provided to The Married Gamers for review and evaluation.


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