A World of Keflings: Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice (DLC)

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After nearly a year off, your avatar is once again called upon to help some small friends with your skill at building in the frosting covered land of Candy Peak in the new DLC for A World of Keflings‘s latest adventure, “Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice.” 

Summoned from your comfy home on the dashboard by the wizard known as Waldorf, you’re set about the task of gathering resources, yet again, to build a tower to protect the most powerful object in Candy Peak called the Everlasting Globplopper. Upon completing the tower, the wizard’s true intentions are revealed, and you learn that you’ve been duped into helping him take control of Candy Peak along with his never-full nephew, Augustus.

Now, you must help the true ruler of Candy Peak whose memory of his rightful place has been erased. You and a new band of helpers set out to collect more ingredients to bake new recipes to thwart the evil wizard and his plans.

NinjaBee brings back the little Keflings once again for a humorous romp through a new world that almost makes your teeth hurt just from looking at it. From caramel lakes, to flowing chocolate lava your adventure leads you through the familiar build this, then build that gameplay we’ve always seen from the Kefling games, but this time you have a bit of a villain introduced.

Walking around in this world produces a distinct squishing sound as the ground is completely covered in pink frosting. Candy related food and resources make up the pieces of the buildings you need to earn and build to progress through the story. There’s nothing new here, and fans of the series may begin to see that there is little offered to keep them interested for long.

Gameplay is short, about an hour and a half of running through each step to progress through the list of items to build to make your way to the end of the story. The ability to queue up a ton of items to build is nice and the little helpers that join your quest make it better to set up large buildings in open space a fair distance away from the production sites.

If you’ve never played a Keflings game before this story is enough off from the main World of Keflings story to stand alone, and die-hard fans might get a kick out of the game. Ultimately, fans of NinjaBee are likely ready to see something new from one of the better small studios for XBLA games.

A code for Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice was provided to The Married Gamers for review.


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