PAX Prime Battlefield 3 Event

PAX Prime Battlefield 3 Event

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I had the great opportunity to have some hands on time with Battlefield 3, thanks to EA and DICE during the weekend of PAX Prime up in Seattle. The event that was put on by Seeson Mahathavorn was amazing. I was put up in The Westin Hotel, just a short walk from where PAX Prime was being held. It was great to know that I was being taken care of and going to be able to have a chance to see  beautifully put together game. After a fantastic dinner and great conversation about the game, it was time to get my hands on Battlefield 3. It was astounding to have the chance to know that I was going to have some private one on one time with the co-op map and then also the multiplayer map as well.

I started out my experience with some co-op play. I was partnered up with Evelyn Varga, formerly from, to take care of the objective at hand. Granted the set up was quite different from the experience that I expect to be having in my own house on an Xbox 360. I was playing on a PS3, so the controller was a bit foreign to me but they had the configurations there for us to look at and it was quite easy for me to pick up. I believe there were only a couple of times that I switched my guns unintentionally. Once I felt comfortable with where everything was on the controller, thanks to my co-op partner, we were off to our main objective; we had to find the hostage.

We started out in a jeep and had to situate our guns. I wanted to make sure that I knew how to properly shoot my gun and not take out my partner. Also we wanted to effectively communicate as a team. We started out with pistols; we had to keep very quiet. I crouched down and shot as quietly as my pistol would allow me to and head shot the first enemy. Evelyn took up the rear and got the second guy who was lying down. However, another enemy who, somehow, saw us in a window sounded an alarm, which now alerted everyone else in the building that we were there. We still kept our pistols out, so we could hopefully come upon them in a somewhat quiet fashion. We told each other that we had cleared a room. I quickly ran ahead, only to miss an enemy and found myself knifed.  I had to tell Evelyn that I was down.

Here came the first part of Battlefield 3’s medic aspect, Evelyn came up to me and was able to revive me. On her screen was a wheel that told her how long she needed to hold down the button to revive me. As long as there were no enemies around, she was safe and secure to keep this button down and I could be revived. However, if she had to keep fighting off enemies and I needed to stay down and unable to be revived. If this happened, I would slowly die. I did have a pistol to help ward off the enemies and somewhat help her, but I was injured so it didn’t help as much as I would have like it to.

We kept moving down the passageways in this warehouse and found our hostage. Once secured, we moved him out into the streets and into a convoy. This forced us against a building and found that the enemies were everywhere on the streets and in other buildings. Thankfully, there were weapon stashes that allowed for more bullets and even different types of weapons to be found in two different locations within this building. However, with being on a street and with being in a more open space, there were enemy AI everywhere.

Night vision helped to find the enemies in this situation as did listening to my co-op partner. There were many times that we both found ourselves down for the count. This causes us both to have to find a place to crawl for some sort of safety for one to be able to revive the other. I would be lying if I didn’t say  that we did not have to restart multiple times at this point.  The enemies were many and they were accurate. The AI were in difficult positions to hit. And they do not die with just one or two bullets.

They seemed to act very much the same way that I did. If I were hit by a bullet and moved out of the way for a bit, I would regenerate and could live for quite a bit longer. They did the same. I would hit them; I know I did because I saw them go down. However, I would see them move and then they would pop up elsewhere and still be moving. This became a bane to my existence. Also the environments are almost completely destructible on these maps; not just by me but by them as well. This means that if I was shooting bullets at them pieces of the building were beings destroyed but the same was true by them shooting bullets at me. Therefore, my hiding place was not the best hiding place to be for very long. This became frustrating to me because I have always been the type of player where when I find a place to hide that is where I stay. This can’t happen anymore in this game because the place can slowly be destroyed.

After we were done with co-op, we moved on to multiplayer on the PC. I am by no means a PC player; however I loved the PC map. The graphics in this map are amazing. It is like I was looking at a painting almost. The details that EA/DICE have placed in this are beautiful. I was blown away by how much work has been put into it. We were placed in some sort of park setting. The multiplayer aspect is a 16 vs. 16 map and there were both above and below ground parts to it. We all were to work together as a team to try to protect Alpha and Bravo satellites. This would appear to be a fairly easy objective.

It started out as a great team objective; we worked together as a team however it was hard to know who was who as we all looked the same and no one had a name above their heads. Yes, we all knew each other’s name, for the most part, but on the screen there was no name. We all quickly figured it out but it didn’t seem to help as the other team jumped out to a fast lead while we were getting our bearings. We did have some time to gather ourselves and figure out our gun configurations and see how to take out the enemy. We were able to get about three-fourths of the way into the map, but then they started to take us out, one by one. It was at this point that they had us pinned down in our own spawn points. It is hard to take out the enemy when they are spawn camping you. However, what can you do when they are good at what they do?

One of the most frustrating aspects of the multiplayer maps was a weapon that was not even a weapon at all. The other team seemed to have acquired a flashlight that had such power that it was able to blind us from across the map. I am not sure how they got this weapon but it was extremely frustrating to have it flashed into my eyes and it caused many of my deaths. Now, if I was able to acquire it, be sure that I would use it repeatedly and players on the other team would probably be extremely frustrated that I had this “weapon” as well. But turnabout is fair play, right?

This is a game that I am highly anticipating. With all of the attention to details that have been placed into the game and also the fact that the AI actually interacts and reacts to what I am doing to it. No longer does it just simply take what I give to it and just simply allow me to shoot and then be done. The AI is going to move, regenerate, heal and then come at me with a different tactic. I can really respect that of an AI system. I am not much of an FPS player, but after being given so much one on one time, thanks to EA/DICE, I can safely say that I know this is one that will be in my Xbox 360 for quite some time. I want to thank Seeson Mahathavorn, Ian Tornay, Daniel Matros, Kevin O’Leary, and Matthew Pruitt for all of their hard work and putting together such a well thought out event. Thank you also needs to go to the entire Battlefield 3 team for putting together a game that is guaranteed to hit the ground running and not stop for quite a while.


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