Hotline Miami Patch Adds New Level, Controller Support and More

Written by on November 5, 2012 in [, , , ]

When Hotline Miami launched only a short while ago, the game had a number of issues related to it’s “Day One” patch. The patch added controller support, however when you tried to use a controller, the support actually didn’t work. It caused the game to be unplayable in this state. As a result, Dennaton Games pulled the patch with the promise that they were trying as hard as possible to get a fix in the works.

Well, today Dennaton Games has announced that they have finally patched the game to bring controller support back in. The patch also fixes a number of smaller issues. We can confirm that the patch does work, but it is recommended by the developers that you upgrade your drivers for your Xbox controller. Additionally, they’ve added a new level, called “Highball,” which is a score-based level with no connection to the story.

The game still lacks the ability to be played in a window, but the fact that this much care was put into patching this game shows a level of commitment that should be commended. For a smaller team to release such a critically acclaimed game (and to continue to try to improve upon it) is a credit to the indie gaming scene.


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