Confessions of an Achievement Addict:  Episode 6 – The Achievement Addict vs. Glitches

Confessions of an Achievement Addict: Episode 6 – The Achievement Addict vs. Glitches

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Since the birth of video games, there has been something that all gamers have had to contend with besides the gamer playing next to them: GLITCHES.  For the most part, a glitch in a video game is a bad thing as it will ruin the game experience completely and sometimes will even make the game completely crash. You would think that with all the advancements in video games over the years, we would be free of “the glitch,” but unfortunately it seems that it’s here to stay.

Much like the common cold, over the years, “the glitch” has changed and mutated in ways we could not even imagine as today, not only do glitches still affect gameplay, but now they also affect our achievements.  For anyone who cares for achievements like myself, a game with glitched achievements is viewed as if it’s a leper and should not be touched with a 10 foot pole.  This is really sad to me as some of these games I actually want to play, but because of my obsession with achievement competion, I won’t ever play them.

Luckily, we live in a modern age where these glitched games can be patched by the developer after they’re released, in order to fix the glitches and allow achievements to finally unlock, but sadly, it doesn’t happen very often and even when it does, it rarely works how it’s meant to.  In my opinion, the solution to fixing glitches and glitched achievements is actually pretty simple…test the game before it’s released! It’s as simple as that.

Your standard video game roughly takes 15-20 hours to complete and unlock all the achievements, so are we to assume that some developers are not hiring game testers to play through the game before release to find these glitches? Or do they just not care?

When the achievement system was introduced into our lives a few years ago, no one knew how to go about creating achievements and game developers didn’t know if anyone would even care about them.  Well, over the years, it’s been proven that for many gamers, achievements are very important and will actually be a deciding factor if they will buy a game or not.  This can be a major problem if a game is discovered to have achievements that are glitched as it will affect the game’s sales and hurt the developer.  It seems like with a little more effort from developers, we might finally be rid of glitched achievements, but honestly I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Even though Developers have the ability to have their games patched, for some reason, many never get the treatment. Here is a list of the games that are glitched that you should avoid:

– Arcania: Gothic 4
– Cars: Race-O-Rama
– Monster Madness
– Moto GP 08
– Need For Speed: Carbon
– NHL 2K7
– NHL 2K8
– Rapala Tournament Fishing
– Rayman: Raving Rabbids
– Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06
– Tom Clancy’s End War

More games are sure to join the list in the near future so make sure that before you buy a game, check one of the many achievement sites  on the web to make sure that all the achievements are unlock-able.  An incomplete game is torture for an achievement completionist, but with a little research, you can avoid purchasing/playing one of these glitched games.

it’s been about a month since the last Episode of COAAA and my progress toward my goal of 300,000 gamerscore continues to grow. Since the last episode I have gained over 10,000 gs and have surpassed the 150,000 gs mark.  There is no doubt in my mind that I will reach my goal before the end of the year as I am well ahead of schedule, but that does not mean that I will slow down.  Since the last episode, I’ve played a lot of games such as Shaun White snowboarding, Majin, Enslaved, Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush, all 4 Wallace and Gromit games and many others.  I’ve had blast this last month and I hope the next month is just as fun.


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