Board Game Review: Titan Tactics

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I love tabletop gaming. I love the strategy, understanding models and characters stats, and trying to solve the never-ending  puzzle that is your opponent’s tactics. The biggest problem often with those games?

Dice rolls.

The element of dice and the randomness and chance can offset a lot of players from getting into a game. “There is no strategy involved” or “Dice god rules all!” are things you often hear among certain board game enthusiasts, and Imbalanced Games’ Titans Tactics aims to capture that strategic element while removing the role of dice rolls and chance.

Titan Tactics is a two player skirmish-style board game that aims to get player in and out in a fast past tactical game. by using elements of games like Warmachine or Malifaux and even Warhammer, Titan Tactics stands on its own for veteran of strategy tabletop, while also extremely accessible to people who haven’t played those larger games.

The goal is of Titan Tactics is to simply deal  the most damage with your own titan to your opponent’s titans, by gaining more momentum at the end of the game. Through pure strategy and coordination, your team of Titans play will be the victor, not a bag of dice that dictate your fate.


With five factions and 6 champions to each faction, there is a lot of personality for each faction. The “Black Bridge”, my personal favorite, are a group of futuristic cybernetic undead, with an emphasis on long-range attacks and robotic defense. Each faction’s abilities match their aesthetics, such as the “Created” being a horde-style of play, with creatures and mutants ravaged the game board. out of the 6 titans,each players picks three from the group.

Each have varied special abilities you activate with a deck of cards you build with on each turn. Starting with different colored cards, that correlate with the three abilityies each of your titans have. To use an ability, simply use the colored card that matches the ability.


Like other tabletop games, the game starts and ends in various phases, which helps the organization and balance to the game.

Being a 2-player game, I played the game with different types of board gamers. Those who play larger tabletop games, and those who don’t like the idea of “random dice”. Both loved the idea of a tactful and strategic game without the notion of randomization, and after the first playthrough, our initial response was “Let’s play again, this time with different characters”.

The appeal comes in the customization of characters within your factions; Do you try to use a pure melee Titan with some good defense? How about Titans that fly across the map, flanking and barraging your backline characters? After several playthroughs I gained favorites and also created some rivals (Rabid Slime gets me everytime).

While it holds those previously mentioned comparisons of larger tabletop, the game doesn’t have miniatures which is to its benefit. The tiled and deck-based system creates an easier initial understanding (and cheaper!). If someone you know has played either the ever-popular online games DOTA 2 or League of Legends, then they already have the idea of different characters having different abilities that correlate and mix with other characters, which makes it easier to grasp and connect with.

Even though the simplicity, yet involved rules, is the games biggest attraction, my only real complaint is the board set up. While at the beginning each player sets up one piece of “terrain” to mix things up, perhaps in an expansion Imbalanced games can include different battlefields or those based on the factions, which will help those who frequently play the game.

Titan Tactics is a great introductory game for those who want to get their gamer friends into the increasingly popular world of tabletop board games, but also for  those die hard strategy players who want something a little bit more refined and quick for their palette.

Titan Tactics is available now available on Amazon.
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