Best Multiplayer You Never Played

Best Multiplayer You Never Played

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We at the Married Gamers love multiplayer.  From Call of Duty to Halo, there are tons of games out there, and most of them have some sort of multiplayer, whether co-op of competitive.  Sometimes, there are far too many to ever play and many just drop off the face of the earth never to be played again.  Some multiplayers, however, become timeless.  They are fun no matter how much you play them or how old they get.  Some are simply odd game modes, mods, or little hacks.  So why not compile some of our favorites and share them with you all?

Red Dead Revolver-  EVAN

My pick is a classic, but it’s one I only recently discovered.  At first, I was skepticle, but after playing just a few matches, I was hooked.  Red Dead Revolver on the PS2 as one of the most interesting multiplayers I have seen in years. Granted the game is a bit older, but the multiplayer has held up very well. Unlike most multiplayers with 4-5 different classes/characters that each play a little differently, Red Dead Revolver has over forty characters each with different weapons and different special abilities. While a lot of them were your standard gunslinger, there were still quite a few that stood out.  There is the undertaker with a Gatling gun in his coffin, the miget clown who drops fake power-ups, the bear-man who slashes people with his claws.  There was even a wooden mannequin who lit himself on fire.  Each character plays with his own unique style.

Another part about it that makes it fun are the power-ups like explosive arrows and flame-throwing shotguns. You could also get a lot of different bomb-type weapons, like Molotov cocktails, dynamite, and even snake venom.  With or without the multi-tap plugged in, the games can just get crazy fun.  Red Dead Revolver also uses one of the greatest innovations in the gaming industry; multiplayer bots, making any match fun, regardless of how many people you have with you.  Red Dead Revolver was indeed far ahead of its time and definitly a great game.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault- LOREN

I’m a big fan of wartime shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield. Back in the early 2000’s though, I was playing a different wargame by the name of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. My parents had bought me it for Christmas on the PC and I was intrigued to jump online and see what online multiplayer had to offer. Allied Assault online is frantic and action packed. I remember games where I was dying every 5 seconds, or vice versa getting large amounts of kills on the enemy team. Equipped with a wide assortment of weaponry you could play according to your likes and playstyle. This may not be saying much for games nowadays, but back in 2002 I appreciated the free choice. What intrigued me most about Allied Alliance was the fact that it offered more than the standard Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. Don’t get me wrong; these gametypes will forever be good, but Allied Assaultstrove to be much more than a Return to Castle Wolfenstein competitor at the time. By far my favorite multiplayer mode, and one you’ve probably never heard of, was Freeze Tag.

Freeze Tag is played just like it sounds, except instead of tagging enemies with your hand, you are tagging them with bullets. When you get killed, you freeze in place. The only way you can come back into the battle is to have one of your teammates thaw you out. This is done by a teammate placing their reticle on you and using their laser sight to heat you up. This process takes several seconds and can leave you and your teammate wide open for attack. The tricky part about this process is that when you thaw people out, a bright neon laser shows everyone where you are. This can be really fun as people try to stealthily thaw their teammates while trying to keep hidden. The first team to freeze all of their opponents wins. Looking back I still have fond memories of Allied Assault and the fun it brought me as a teenager. It may not hold up to current gen games, but it still holds a dear place in my nerdy heart.

Rainbow Six: Black Arrow- CHRIS

One of my favorite multiplayer experiences sadly can’t be played anymore.  Before my nightly Left 4 Dead 2 obsession, I used to game with a small group of friends each night on the original Xbox playing Rainbow Six: Black Arrow.  We played this game we coined Duck Hunt, in which we use this special trick to glitch a mission map to a terrorist hunt map.  It was fairly easy to do.  A person would start a mission map and then quickly switch it Team Survival and switch the map to Nuclear Facility (you could also do this to Hotel, but it wasn’t as fun for our little game of Duck Hunt).  The game would then glitch to a Terrorist Hunt version of Nuclear Facility.  The host would make sure that the area was low on bad guys and then a few of the group would be the “Ducks” the others would have to hunt.

The selected Ducks would then equip themselves with C4 and Claymore mines. They would then go into to the map and quickly kill the remaining terrorists.  These Ducks would then have two minutes to set up their C4 and Claymore traps.  While this was happening the rest of the group would be in the big yard outside the facility just waiting.  After the time to hide was up the group would try to find and kill the Ducks.  The Ducks could not use any guns until the very end of the map or if they happened to get behind the hunters (meaning they successfully hid and let the group pass by them).  All they could use wee their explosive charges.  This made for some tension filled games and when the Ducks managed to kill off the entire group there would be some rather brash trash-talking.

Needless to say, when the Xbox Live team turned off online multiplayer for all original Xbox games, I was very sad to know that I would never again have a chance to play this very fun and unique way to play Rainbow Six Black Arrow in a way the developers hadn’t thought to allow.

Pro Bass Fishing- Kelly
About 4 years ago, I took part of an amazing site that ran fishing tournaments on the Original Xbox game Pro Fishing Challenge.  This was one of the only fishing games where you could play from the fisher-persons prospective, and I am telling you, it made all the difference in the world in the way that the game played.  When we would have these fishing tournaments, there were certain aspects to them that allowed us to have co-op setups.  We would do partner fishing.  During these times, there were rules that had to be followed to allow them to be run smoothly. As one of the hosts of the tournaments, I would have to make sure that the partners were in their right sections at the time of each section of the game and that they switched at the correct time.  Not only that but that they were fishing for the correct type of fish;  That the settings were right for the room so that the correct type of fish were going to bite, or possibly that the difficulty was amped up to such a level that maybe the temperature of the water was at a point that the catfish were not going to rise to the surface unless you were using the correct type of floating bait and the right color for that type of year.  Interestingly enough, all of these settings were given to the fisher-person a week in advance so we were given a chance to fish with our partners in preparation for the tournament.
However, when the rooms were set for the night of the tournament there was no guarantee that all the practice and trial and errors were going to work because the game was always putting some sort of snafu in.  That was how it worked.  There was no way to practice with the exact settings because each game was just slightly different.  That was the challenge.  Things were different every time that you fished.  Every fish you caught was different.  No channel catfish was the same.  That large-mouth bass that you knew as going to be around the base of the bridge because he always was there when you practiced was no guarantee come tournament night.This made the co-op of partner fishing in Pro Fishing Challenge so enjoyable.  I am still waiting for the perfect fishing game to come along to compete with the amount of excitement and enjoyability that this game gave me.  All others seem to want to give you the prospective of the fish.  If someone can prove me otherwise, I would be more than happy to give it a shot, I am yet to find myself a replacement game for the Original Xbox game Pro Fishing Challenge.


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